TH-Middle School Mathematicians!

  • Posted on: 30 November 2016
  • By: dischool_admin

For more than 60 years, students across the country have taken up the challenge of America’s longest-running and most prestigious math contests, The American Mathematics Competitions (AMC)  This fall, all of our middle school students took the AMC math test, which is a 25 question test.There were 149,548 students in the nation who took the test and we are thrilled to have several top scorers at ISD!

Scoring in the top 5% in the nation and receiving Honor Roll status nationwide is Nathan Wu (8th grade).

Scoring in the top 25% in the nation with a tie, and in 2nd place at our school are Jeremy Gordon, Nikolas Huang Malin, Cooper Price and Baillie Weil .

Scoring in the top 50% in the nation with a tie, and in 3rd place at our school, are Kira Cattand, Kaelyn Harris, Ronan McKearn and Mila Lux Bryant.

Congratulations to them and to all of our middle school students!