Ways To Teach Children Mindfulness

  • Posted on: 6 February 2019
  • By: dischool_admin

Mindfulness is important for every one of us. It allows parents as well as teachers to be present rather than get engulfed in irate reactions to children.  
Mindfulness training is also important for children. According to research, mindfulness helps in improving a child’s ability to pay attention, make better decisions, and keep calm when they are upset.  Basically, mindfulness meditation helps with cognitive focus and emotional control. 
So how do we teach children mindfulness?

Keep things simple

If the children are a little older, you can go in-depth on the definition. However, if they are younger, that may be a little too much for them.  Use words such awareness or noticing with younger kids.  Explain to them that mindfulness is noticing how our bodies feels, what the eyes can see, and anything else that is happening around at the moment.

Listen to a sound

A simple way to teach children mindfulness is to ask them to focus on paying attention on what they hear. You can use a bowl or a phone app that got sounds on it.  Alert your children that you will make a sound and that they should listen carefully until when the sound stops.  This kind of exercise has a calming effect on children and it is usually a fun way for them to pay a keen interest on their surroundings.

Meditate with the kids

When teaching children mindfulness, show them by example what that actually means. Meditate with them so that they know how exactly it is done

Create a mindful bedtime routine

Bedtime is a good opportunity to introduce the art of mindfulness to children.  You can teach them how to do a body scan meditation right before bed – closing the eyes, and bringing attention to the legs, feet, and toes. This is usually a calming way to get back the body after a long day. 

Teach them mindful eating

The exercise of eating mindfully, whether it’s just a biscuit or a bowl of pasta is a great activity for children. It is an excellent way to teach kids to be keen when eating so that they can savor their food, and enjoy that present moment. 

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