Students Discover “Pura Vida”

  • Posted on: 29 November 2016
  • By: dischool_admin

Day 2

Hola! We’ve had quite a busy day here in Costa Rica. First, the students all reported to breakfast at 6:30 a.m., quickly packed their bags, and headed off to our next part of the trip.

Once on the bus, we enjoyed the ride out of San Jose on the Pan-American highway – the longest highway in the world! Before arriving at our destination, we made a very nice stop at a local fruit stand. Students quickly fell in love with samples of passion fruit, mango, star apple, and many things we had never seen before.

Our first activity of the day was an amazing crocodile safari. On our boat tour, we spotted plenty of crocs, though the highlight of this trip was the 29 different species of birds we were able to spot – in less than 2 hours!

Things were really heating up at this point so we were pleased to get back onto the bus and continue our journey on the coastal highway. The Pacific Ocean came into view soon after and we were excited to see what was next.

Just in time for lunch, we arrived to our hotel on the island of Palo Seco. This area is best known for the mangroves. The beach is just a short walk away and wildlife is everywhere! Around the hotel you can easily find iguanas, plenty of birds and cara blanca (white face) monkeys!

Students were introduced to the service project after lunch, and we boarded another boat to take a closer look at this fascinating tree. In the world, there are 52 species of mangrove. Seven can be seen here in Costa Rica. (Despite the humidity, I was really paying attention in class today!)

We collected the mangrove seed pods this afternoon just before the sun went down. We learned more about the reforestation process and had a lovely sunset boat ride back to our hotel. Before dinner our group enjoyed some relaxing free time on the beach, by the pool, or in one of the numerous hammocks scattered around the lodging.

Tomorrow, we’ll visit the nursery and really dive into the project with our local guide.

Everyone is doing very well and our Colorado kiddos seem to be handling the heat just fine.