A Day of Service and Purpose

  • Posted on: 29 November 2016
  • By: dischool_admin

Day 3

It has been a tremendous day here in Palo Seco. After so much planning and discussion about our service work, the students finally got to dive in!

This morning, the class had a lecture with Jorge, our local guide and mangrove expert. We learned the impact that the mangrove trees have on the shore here in Costa Rica and why our work to replant them is so important.

As you will see from the pictures attached, the work had many different steps including cleaning up the nursery area, planting the mangrove seeds that we collected yesterday, cutting open the plastic containers where the “baby” mangroves had grown, and then planting the baby trees along the shore. Several students were recording and photographing as it is extremely important to keep track of this project.

Details aside, I have to tell you how incredibly gratifying it was to work with the class today. We always feel we have a great group and there were many challenges to face with heat, humidity, bugs, etc. However, across the entire class there was a quiet sense of purpose. The teamwork demonstrated today was really impressive. I’m sure the pictures can’t possibly convey how powerful this work was, but just know that the teachers feel very proud to be here with these students.