5 Things That Make A Good International School In Bangna

  • Posted on: 13 November 2018
  • By: dischool_admin

In the recent past, there has been an increase in the number of International Schools in Bangna. A lot of emphasis is put on these types of learning institutions. They must follow a system of education that is quite different from the national education system. In addition, there is a lot of emphasis on the quality of education offered as it must meet global standards.

An international school in Bangna will be considered a good one if it meets the following criteria:
Flexible transfer system
There must be a flexible transfer system that allows for easy transfer of students to other similar schools. This is emphasized so as to avoid a major disruption in a student’s education. This also allows for a smooth transition. The system of education should align itself to set standards.

Embraces diverse cultures
The learning institution should be one that embraces students from different cultures. It must be multinational and multiethnic. When an institution embraces the diversity of culture, then its enrolment system is expected to be non-discriminatory.

Classify different Programmes
The school must be able to classify its programmes depending on the age of the students. For the young pupils, it should have a primary year’s program that is designed in a way that prepares the young student to an exciting journey ahead. It should focus on the early years of a child’s development. 

The middle programme should be designed for the pre-teens and the teenagers. It should be more complex so as to prepare the student to challenges and interactions of the outside world. 

The diploma and the career programme should be for the older students and have a system that helps them as they chart their career paths. It should align their studies on the type of profession they would wish to pursue. It should have a system that promotes the personal development of its students.

The curriculum that is internationally accredited
The type of curriculum offered must be recognized globally. The most popular being the British, American, and Baccalaureate.

Adequate Learning Materials
A good international school in Bangna must have adequate learning materials and resources. For example, research materials, the internet, and a physical and digital library.

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